Toronto Restaurants

It is said that you have to taste a culture to understand it. Toronto is a city with great diversity and cultural variations thus making it an amazing place to visit and eat in restaurants of different cultures and satiate from the food that it has to offer. The city not only offers variation of cultural and language for its people but with these variations are associated some really great restaurants for one to experience and really have a taste into the cultures of wide variety of people living in Toronto. We will be discussing some of the most famous places in Toronto for a wide variety of food that it has to offer.


Toronto has many famous places to eat that can include restaurants ranging from various cuisines that can be tracked based on their popularity among the people of that area. These restaurants can also be searched on Facebook marketplace to find out the best food of the area to view the reviews of others as well.  Some of the famous restaurants are:

Le Swan

It is a famous French restaurant in Queen West Street and is famous for tuna melt, steak frites with side grilled cheese. The French bistro has been serving classical food despite its small size for 20 years and the feel of French cuisine here makes it unique compared to other restaurants around the town.

The Annex Food Hall

The place is located in the annex as the name indicates and is famous for its variety of Chinese, Canadian, Mexican, Thai and American cuisine. BBQs and pastas are also available with the best fried chicken sandwiches and Bangkok style street food and big salad platters that group of people can enjoy on causal occasions.


This is an Italian restaurant famous for its pastas and pizzas. Large groups would definitely enjoy the place for the variety of its pizzas, pastas and raviolis. The restaurant is located in Queen West at three different locations out of which Price St. has a beautiful view on its rooftop to enjoy causal talks and food.

Grand Electric

It is a Mexican cuisine based restaurant located in park dale. The place is famous for its tacos and short gatherings to sit and enjoy food at the bar.

Honest weight

It is located at the junction and is famous for the classical sea food such as Rodney’s for lobster, oyster boy, and buster’s sea cove and keeps on changing with time to keep the people interested and busy to discover the new taste of sea food in this friendly environment for family and friends gatherings.


This is a vegetarian based restaurant for the veggie lovers and is located in Yorkville. This place not only serves veggie food to the veggie loves but makes it creative and artistic for the people to enjoy the food to their fullest. They also serve Sunday brunch and their planta burger which is a famous meatless and cheese less cheese burger keeps them busy with the overflow of their customers.


This Spanish cuisine based restaurant is located in deer park and one of the best of its kind in the city. The sea food is a main focus of their cuisine while Iberian and Latin American food are equally a center of attraction of people coming to eat here. Octopus tiradito and halibut ceviche are one of the famous dishes here.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

This is a Canadian brunch place located in liberty village. The place has high ceilings and bright airy environment which may make the lovers of open spaces a huge fan for the place. due to its fame for the brunch here, it may include a long wait time in the peak hours of its service or when the restaurant is packed with customers.


Patios is located in little Italy and contain food from Jamaican, Korean and chinese cuisine. They are famous for their serving the drinks in pineapples and Jamaican slaw, pineapple bun burger and jerk chicken are their excellent food on their menu. The place has a look of party and could be a good place for hangout for small as well as large friend groups.


DaiLo is a Chinese and French cuisine restaurant in little Italy and is famous for its truffle fried rice and beef Carpaccio. The walls of the restaurant are hand painted that gives the place a soothing look and has a lounge on its upper floor that serves snacks and variety of cocktails.


Yasu is a Japanese sushi restaurant in harbored village. The sushi is famous for the intricate way it is presented one by one by the chef. From tuna and salmon to less famous monkfish liver are all available at this restaurant making this place unique for its special food and cuisine

Some other restaurants

Other common restaurants which one can review for the food include Ears Court BBQ in St Clair west village, Black Camel located at Rosedale, and some down town restaurants which includes Amano, Ardo, and The Chase like famous restaurants. On average a meal for the day costs 74 Canadian dollars while the prices for breakfast are a little cheaper as compared to the prices for lunch and dinner.


The prices of food at various places can vary and may depend on one’s choice. The city is famous for its food and one can trace the restaurants on net as well as review the most famous places by visiting the different areas of the city. Toronto’s main dish is veal sandwich that is especially popular among the Californian community of the city. There are several locations that are famous for its food spots but downtown and Queensway are particularly the most recommended sites of find the best food in town. The restaurants had been a good way for people to hang out but after government measures they were closed during the lockdown time to ensure control the spread of disease. In 2021 now they are slowly opening back as the pandemic has begun to reduce with time so one can enjoy a cozy family dinner or brunch with the friends in one of these famous places of the city of Toronto.