Facebook has been one of the most common social networking sites for the people. It is a social networking site for communicating with people but recently its application has grown to include more and more features to it for professional use as well. Facebook has thus now become not just a place where people connect and interact but also can buy and sell stuff with each other. The activity started very recently and has gained much popularity with time. It has been estimated that more than 450 million people around buy and sell products every month by using the Facebook market place all around the globe. The aim for the current article is to introduce to Facebook marketplace which is a huge market for buying and selling of stuff now. Not only it allows locating new things with ease and also helps to find things at relatively reasonable costs. Continued modifications are being made to allow people to have not just the best experience but also ease of advertising and consuming products at affordable rates around them.


The icon for marketplace can be located by scrolling down on the Facebook app where the shop icon can be found. It consists of photos of items when it is opened and usually the posts are from people nearby the location of consumer. One can also narrow down the search results by filtering results for specific items by searching results on the basis of location or category or price. A person can search for various things ranging from household items to apparel. The searched item can be filtered from specific location to a more generalized search request as well. The details are also available for each image or images provided for an item and can be reviewed once the image provided is tapped to view further details.


There have been several statistics carried out to review the usage of Facebook marketplace which suggest that on average 78% U.S citizens use Facebook marketplace to locate a new product they are in search off. And an average of 30% prefers purchasing from Facebook based on the reviews available. Furthermore, it has been estimated that 1 out of every 4 businessman considers Facebook market place a valuable tool to sale their product because of huge network of people using it.


Facebook has already maintained its popularity as a social networking site for a long time. An addition of feature of Facebook market place has further strengthened its credibility of use for buying and selling of items online. Not only it allows a level of transparency but also allows people advertising and consuming services to connect to each other through their accounts and maintain a certain level of authenticity intact. It allows one to see reviews as well as check the person’s information by allowing one to look not just at the profile but also the timeline from the date the account was created till date. It also allows one to review the views of other users of marketplace regarding items to further provide opportunity for the advertisers as well as the consumers to carry out purchases online. Facebook also allows reporting on suspicious account which makes its use further popular for the people. One of the most beneficial features for using Facebook marketplace is that it allows posting items for selling without any cost to pay and in turn provides ease of use in regards to searching the items and to carry out purchases by connecting people directly.


The Facebook marketplace holds a special feature that it allows the item to be located within 60Km of range of consumer. The marketplace can be searched for various items and the category list is also available on the timeline of the marketplace which can be tapped for a more generalized search findings. Furthermore, time of posts is available to review how long the item has been placed on Facebook for selling. Used as well as new items can be found on the Facebook marketplace for being sold as well as for being bought.  Some of the categories available features furniture, properties, rentals for properties, vehicles, electronics as well as classified ads on apparel to all sorts of items for personal as well as social use. Facebook market place for not only Toronto is available on Facebook but also for Hamilton, Barrie and other cities is present on Facebook that can locate item within range of 60km of the consumer. Not just this, the search results can be further narrowed down to specific areas of Toronto where one resides and requires items for household or personal use on urgent basis.


Thus Facebook marketplace is of valuable use and can provide some level of confidence for the consumers. The websites for specific items use Facebook marketplace as a valuable tool to enhance their marketing skills by posting their products on Facebook with the process to attract the lot of public. Craigslist on the other hand does hold some risk of trustworthiness as one can pretend to be anyone and not enough information can affect the level of trust for buying and selling of products. One can also strengthen their reputation for their product by adding shipping and delivery availability for the item and by maintaining reputation among the networking society of the Facebook. One can upload their items by following easy steps and can get response from the consumer through notifications.


All in all Facebook marketplaces has gained huge popularity over time. It is not just famous for the sale of used products but also has become a growing market for the e-commerce businesses to grow and progress by attracting a massive lot of population available networking, socializing and reviewing these online Facebook marketplaces to take a dive of trust and consume products available online through Facebook.