City of Toronto

Mathew Karsten says “An investment in travel is an investment in yourself”. The statement holds much significance and for Toronto which is said to be a city that has yet to fall in love with itself is just the right place to invest into. The city of Toronto is the capital of province of Ontario, Canada. The word is derived from an Iroquoian word tkaronto that means a place where the trees stand in water is a land that spans over 630 square kilometers and has a maximum distance in north to south direction of 21 kilometer (13 mi) and a maximum distance in east to west direction of 46 kilometers (29 mi). It has become one of the constant growing cities of the province nurturing progressively as a place to inhabit people of various cultures. The city has its location on a broad sloping plateau and has rivers while the lake Ontario borders the city on the south. The land has deep ravines and two types of forests where vegetation is grown.


The city is one of the most populous cities of the province and nurtures different ethnic groups for which the citizens have been working hard to reflect the cultural integrity of various ethnic groups that are residents of this place. The city is a place of constant attraction for the immigrants. Much of the migration to this land has led to a rapid rise of population of this city over the years making it the 4th largest and populous city in North America and most populous city of Canada. The city holds diverse opportunities in career, trade and administrative management cooperation and consists of diversity of employer population in the region. The city has become a leader for technological, cultural and financial advances with improvement of services for its citizen by consistent promotion of innovations thus enabling it to achieve a place among the top international rankings.


The city has climatic changes ranging from summers that are mostly cozy making late june to early September the best time to visit the city. The winters on the other hand can be hard, dry and windy with snowy weather but the temperature generally varies between 17°F to 78°F and very rarely falls below 1°F. Summers generally lasts for a period of 3.5 months with the hottest day around the year falling on 20th July. The winter season usually begins from December and stays till mid-march and for almost a period of 3.4 months.  The city is mostly clear around June to October with 20th august being considered the clearest day of the year while the cloudier part of the year begins from October and lasts till June. The city has a rainy period that can last almost the entire year with rainless period appearing between January and February for just a period of 2.3 weeks.


From 1876 to 1971 Toronto telegram was a conservative broadsheet newspaper which underwent demise and was later overtaken by the Toronto Sun that is an English language Tabloid newspaper first published in November, 1971 and is still the holder of telegram archives till date. Peter Worthington was the 1st editor of the paper and continued to write columns for it even after retiring as chief editor for the paper until his death in 2013. The paper was owned by Post media and later acquired the slogan as “Toronto’s other voice” and grew overtime as a news network and was named as SUN TV which was later changed to Sun News Network till 2015 after which the news channel underwent demise. After having changed several buildings, the staff of Toronto sun and its operational team resided in the same building as national post while the offices for both the papers were kept separate. The Toronto sun had a circulation of 180000 papers from Monday till Saturday and a circulation of 310000 papers on Sunday by the end of 2007.


The newspaper was published first by Toronto news in 1892 and was first printed on Toronto world press that shared 51% interest in the newspaper. The Toronto star is a broadsheet newspaper that had reached its peak circulation of newspaper in Canada in 2015. The newspaper was owned by Toronto star newspaper limited that is a subsidiary for Torstar Corporation. Joseph E Atkinson became one of the major stakeholders of the newspaper at a time when the newspaper was seriously criticized for its various publishing and doses of news related to crime and sensationalism. Later the newspaper started a release of star weekly as a weekend supplement from 1910 to 1973. The newspaper was named as Toronto start in 1971. The newspaper is also known to be the first to hire public editors. Torstar the original owner of Toronto star sold the newspaper to Nordstar in 2020 while the newspaper had shown a decline of its circulation by the end of 2015 and had shown several digital modifications and e-paper establishments.


Toronto news not only has channeled news to keep the viewers updated to the latest events but also contains details that are concerned with the community. It tells the stories of its people, the unique places and history associated with it and cultural review for the society and community. The news cover wide ranging subjects and is not just one of the most reliable sources for review of latest updates but also provides latest updates on net for keeping its viewers always updated.


The city was recorded with a population of 2.7 million people in 2016 making it the most populous city of Canada. The urban population of Golden Horseshoe was estimated at 9.2 million in 2016 while of greater Toronto Area was estimated at 6.4 million in 2016. The city is considered as the fastest growing cities of Canada and is a constant place of attraction especially for immigrants. The city had an increase in population of 77,000 between the years 2017 and 2018 while the Toronto Metropolitan area was considered to be the 2nd fastest growing metropolitan area in North America. The largest rise of the population of this area has been attributed to by international migrations to this area that has also led to improvement of services of the city overtime.