Canadian Classifieds are the websites for posting of advertisements. Leo list is one such online site for the classified ads. It offers a service for both the consumers of these classified ads as well as the advertisers who usually take advantage of posting ads for consumer’s response. The site has terms and conditions which clearly states that the user ensures of the terms despite of any offensive material that may be posted on the website. Despite this all the site is considered safe and reliable with a proper verification process to prevent scam or posting of illegal activities that can pose a risk to the credibility of these sites. However, there are some controversies that surround the site specifically in regards to the personal ads that are placed in an increased amount by the sex workers.

Verification at Leo list

Leo list is owned by Unicorn media Inc. that is based in Hong Kong. The list is one of the few classified ad lists that provide a proper process for verification before the consumer can use the site. This is to make sure that the consumers can reliably place their ads and measures are adequate to keep in check any scam or criminal activity on the websites to protect the consumers of these ads for any untoward activity. The verification process involves the placement of at least 5 images in an ad that must be verified by a team member at Leo list. The Leo list classifieds also offer discounts to some of their account holders that are fully verified and can sometimes bypass the verification process which can affect the personal ads placed on the site and can create uncertainty at the end of consumers as photos and images accompanying the ad may not be available.

Resources and photo directory at Leo list classifieds

Leo list is set apart from its competitors as it contains a valuable tool for the advertisers that enable them to edit and manipulate the photos and images that are posted by the advertisers. However, this in turn poses a question on the verification procedure of Leo list classified as the tool has ability to manipulate the images to an extent that they vary considerably from the original. The consumer of the online classified site can also use resources such as statistical data to be consumed by the user which provides relevant data on the advertiser posting the ads and thus enables somewhat transparency for the user to assess the data of the classified ads posted by each user. Another resource available for the advertisers is the facility to pay extra to have their ad posted on the first page of the classified ad section. Moreover, the site also provides notification for the advertiser when their featured ad is dropped down to the second page that enables them to pay more to bring it back to the first page. The site also provides a resource of inventory for the advertisers which they can refer to for future advertisements where they can obtain their verified photos instead of having to place new ones every single time they add a classified ad to the website. Furthermore, the advertisers have the advantage of availability of various features on these sites that enable them to carry out advertisements and marketing of their products on a regular basis.

Popularity of Leo list

Leo list has gained popularity with respect to the personal ads that are posted on the website. It has also allowed a platform for the sex workers to post their ads under requests for personal escorts or massages that have disguised the growing sex services offered under the personal ad section. However, there are certain complaints from the consumers of the site as well which is particularly because of the multiple ads that blasts open when a person joins to use Leo list. Popups and redirects makes the site difficult to use and somewhat affects the popularity and usage for the site.

Leo list classified for various locations

Leo list classified ad site has various categories which are available on the main page. On the top of the page is option for the adding the location. Leo list is available at various locations in different cities of Canada of which Toronto, Barrie, Kitchener and Hamilton suggest the availability of ads that are classified and specified for these particular region. The various options for availability of advertisements are mentioned for various categories which consists of motor, buy/sell/trade option, services that can advertise property for the purpose of sale for the consumer, other services which include transport and services for homecare and groceries, pets can also be advertised for purpose of sale, community services and jobs can also be searched through Leo list classified. Personal and dating services are also available that has caused somewhat credibility issues and rumors that the site may promote illegal trafficking of humans but has at the same time gained popularity by the sex workers.

End note

Leo list is just a classified site for online advertisements and provides a good platform where advertisers can post ads and consumers can find valuable resource in their area of interest. There are also certain features that make this site different from its competitors. Though the personal ads posted may hold somewhat ambiguity for consumers in terms of legality, the site however offers some good resources for the advertisers and the users to buy and sell products of quality at this classified website. Furthermore, the terms of the site clearly state the legalities for its usage and do not allow to openly advertising any illegal ads that may pose threat for the users of any sort. Therefore, one must stay wary of any unusual ad on these sites and users must be careful while they share any personal information or contact information on such websites.