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City of Toronto
280 Jane St.

E-Waste and Computer Recycling

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Computation Ltd. has been providing environmentally sensitive computer & e-waste recycling in tandem with secure electronic data destruction services since 2001. These services are essential in delivering a complete solution to clients committed to protecting the environment and privacy.
Our facilities and logistics teams, located in several cities across Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and more), are equipped to receive or pick-up and process deliveries ranging in size from a single device to full-truckloads from any locale. Ultimately, each project is completed with delivery of a certificate of recycling, and asset disposition report.
Items We Accept:

Desktop, tower all-in-one , servers and iMac computers
Laptop computers
Tablets & iPads
Hard drives (HDDs), CPUs, motherboards, cards, fans, heat sinks, optical drives, power supplies, power adapters
Phones & iPods
LCD and CRT monitors and TVs
Printers, copiers, photocopiers, 3D Printers, and multi-function devices
Toner cartridges
Routers, switches and access points
USB sticks and external drives
Keyboards, mice, speakers, cameras, headphones, joysticks and all other computer accessories and peripherals
Sound systems, stereos, and projectors
Cables (Ethernet, power, audio, data, etc.)
VCRs, DVD players, tape /  cassette players
Any components from the above

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call, drop by our shop or email us Mon-Fri 10-7 and Sat-Sun 10-6.
Computation Ltd.
280 Jane St.
Toronto ON
M6S 3Z2
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