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Markham, York Region

Custom Duck Plate

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Custom Duck Plate
I picked up a pair of these not to long ago. I only need to keep one, so i'm selling this one. I'm not sure if it's hand painted, since I can't find any others like it on the internet. It's rare to find plates with a see-through "S" pattern". The cosmetic condition is 10/10 on the front, and 9/10 on the back. There are no chips or cracks. It's pretty hard. This could be made out of china, or it might be something else. The diameter is about 8.25 inches This plate would look great at a cottage, or hanged off a wall. It would also look interesting in an office, or business. I like how the duck provides a pleasant contrast with the fancy "S" pattern. The edge looks fragile, so I recommend displaying it, and not moving it around.


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