Craigslist is an American classified ad site that consists of various categories which can be searched for advertisement and usage by the consumers on sections like jobs, buying and selling, property, other services, community services as well as gigs and resumes and events and discussion on various forums. The list became so popular among people that it had spread to 9 different U.S states by 2000 and later was introduced in Canada as well. Currently, the service is available for up to 70 countries. Later in 2008 other than English language were also introduced to translate the list into Spanish, Italian, French, German as well as Portuguese language. Craigslist sites for large cities also provide the ability for the users to identify the area of interest to narrow out the search process. The craigslist have a functional app available as well while the policies for the various craigslist for various cities keeps on adding modifications depending on consumers use and suggestions.


Craig Newmark was the founder of craigslist and was able to develop it after observing sites such as WELL, MindVox and Usenet that made him to decide to start a similar site for local events. He initially posted events that were of interest for the internet and software developers that later became a word of mouth leading to growth of the postings and increased the number of subscribers on these postings. Newmark was surprised to notice that people began using it for posting events as well as reaching out to mention their skills for technical posts that led to the option of jobs category. This led to the demand by the users to add further categories to the list and began to grow so fast that Newmark left his software engineering to devote full attention to the list. In January 2000, Newmark conjoined hands with Jim Buckmaster who worked as lead programmer managing tasks such as search engine, discussion forums, design of homepage, and process for self-posting and other personal categories. He was later promoted as CEO for the firm by the end of year 2000. This had led to spread of the craigslist first among the U.S states and is now widely used in other parts of North America as well.

Policy and terms of usage

The craigslist have specified terms and conditions for usage. Moreover they have license that makes sure that the copyrights are maintained with the company and any unusual duplication of data could be detected and taken action for. Some mash up sites had tried to copy content in 2012 from the craigslist to improve their own usability that led to changes in the terms of the company and lawsuits against those copying content and services. The terms also clearly state that unless one has made a written or electronic agreement with the company they are not allowed to copy the services of the company. This also included refraining from copying the content collection using robot, scripts, scrapers, crawlers or spiders into the software app. This had retained the credibility of the craigslist by prohibiting any unlawful posting or buying and selling of illegal services on the accounts. The security of the accounts was maintained through agreement on terms for avoiding access to or collection of information of accounts that also suggested termination of access of account in case of trespassing the terms. Furthermore, the terms also apply to the App and makes sure that no illegal act or abuse of services is carried out that may lead to avoidance of law and in turn lawsuit for those invading the terms.

Features of craigslist classified

Craigslist classified ads were started as software that eventually gave rise to a company. The list was initially available for users in U.S but has now involved some 70 countries among which Canada had the program received in early 2000. The craigslist is available now in different cities particularly in Toronto, Barrie, Kitchener and Hamilton. The main structure for the site is similar for all the cities along with the terms and policies. FAQs, legalities are mentioned on all the sites for the different cities. The list provides wide range of services that started off as event management and now consists of various options such as community services which consists of volunteers for community services, activities, childcare, events, musicians, connections, news and politicians. Services are also provided in different areas such as automotive, beauty, gardening and farming, pets and real estates, households, financials and the list keeps on adding new options available for the users. Discussion forum are also available on different topics. Housing and buying and selling options are also available. From furniture and artifacts to other household and commercial tools are available to be advertised or sold. One important feature of the site is availability of search for jobs which can be potentially helpful for international migrations to Canada. Gigs are also a newer feature that deals with writing, talent and electronic equipment.


The craigslist had gained fame, there also appeared criticism for allowing ads from dog breeders encouraging overbreeding the buying and selling of pit bulls whereas the terms of the craigslist had suggested otherwise. It was prohibited to sale the pets and could only be adopted at small adoption fees. San Francisco bay guardian had published another criticism against the craigslist stating that the popularity of the site could threaten the alternative newspaper resources. Other criticism was associated with the lawsuits that the company held against those who violated the copyright issues of the company whereas the subject for criticism was that the company had copied the newspaper sources thus affecting the newspaper resources popularity among the users who were more directed towards the craigslist. They had also carried out lawsuits against those that had tried to improve any service that was available on their site that also made them a subject to criticism.

Benefits of nonprofit organization

In 2001, the company started a craigslist foundation that offered free and low cost events to allow community to build skills at all levels and to face challenges among the community by accepting donations and funds to provide events that can help improve skills as well as provide real contribution to the society